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Turquoise Teardrop Ribbon Earrings

Huia Jewellery


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Turquoise Teardrop Ribbon Earrings
Turquoise Teardrop Ribbon Earrings Turquoise Teardrop Ribbon Earrings

Who doesn't like ribbons of colour that meander like a river.  Shaped like a droplet of water, this is pure beauty.

Designed and handcrafted in New Zealand these Earrings are individually made with close attention to detail making it just that little bit more special. 

It will provide that pop of colour to compliment any outfit to make you feel exclusive and vibrant. 

    • The surface looks just like glass.
    • Made from acrylic and resin with a waxed leather cord.
    • Earring Height: 20mm, Width 11mm.
    • Available in a Pendant too.
    • Presented in a beautiful keepsake box.

Treat yourself or give a uniquely special gift to someone you care about today.

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